This is just for new home builders and their sales people, right?


No! We have categories for commercial and custom builders, remodelers, landscapers, land developers and many associate activities. Maybe your business opened a new showroom; you can enter it. Or you developed a new marketing campaign this year: show it off! A complicated installation of your product could qualify for the Best Craftsmanship award. If you are not sure, just give me a call!


Who can enter what?


Bottom line: any FCBIA member who had a major role or ownership in the project! For instance: projects in the Land Development Division can be submitted by the owner, developer, or planner/engineer, Interior Merchandising can be submitted by the builder or the designer, Media Marketing entries can be entered by the marketing firm or the company the advertising is for. Individuals can nominate themselves if they have a sponsor willing to write a letter in support.


Can I enter projects outside of Frederick County?


Yes, a member can enter any project, as long as it is within about an hour’s drive of Frederick, so that we don’t have to send our judges on a two-day expedition!


My project started before 2019 OR my project is not quite finished yet, can I enter it now?


 If a project was mostly finished by the end of 2019 and just needs a few finishing touches that will be completed by the end of February, you may enter it now. In the case of long-term development projects, you can enter it when the plans are completed, and construction is substantially underway (there has to be something for the judges to look at!) but it does not have to be completely built out.


Do I have to get the owner’s permission?


Yes. If you are entering a project that requires the judges to access private property (for instance for remodeling or landscaping projects, or homes that have been sold) you will need to get permission from the owner, but most are happy to show off their house!


Do I need to hire a professional to photograph my project?


No. Judging will be done with a site visit. We just ask for good quality photos for the judges’ preparation, as well as for the Winners Web Page and Gala Presentation.




If you have any additional questions, please contact Sarah Harne  at 301-663-3599 x102 or Sarah@frederickbuilders.org


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